Accuflite Sports,  founded in 1979 by James Bartol,  following approval of US Patent # 4155127 regarding design and manufacture of a unique device  to ascertain straightness of an elongated cylindrical body such as a  firearm barrel or arrow shaft.

Accuflite Sports proceeded to provide patented,  portable  straightness gauges during the 1980’s and quickly expanded daily operations to include distribution of accurate, high quality  firearms and firearm accessories.

During mid 1980’s Accuflite Sports continued expansion to include management of design, manufacture, test,  and distribution of high quality, unique,  Accuflite Sports Custom Bolt Action Rifles and Single Shot, Extremely Accurate  Bolt Action  Pistols.

From 1987 to 1999 Accuflite Sports, established as a major distributor of quality products such as SAKO Bolt Action Production Rifles, SAKO Actions, and Premium Optical Products, continued to focus on improving quality and distribution of  Accuflite  Custom Bolt Action Firearms  through design,  manufacturing, and test  upgrades and administrative actions.

Accuflite Sports relies primarily on Accuflite Arms, Inc. , founded by James Bartol in 1991, for high quality Custom Bolt Action Firearms and for administrative capabilities to import and export firearms and firearm accessories.

Continuous from 1999 a concentrated, coordinated effort exists to improve Accuflite Arms Bolt Action Firearm design concepts,  features,  and product quality. This effort continues with use of improved bolt  actions, low sulfur  barrels, consistent  bullets, stocks, and scopes, and improved manufacturing skills, upgraded manufacturing equipment, service-learned upgraded  barrel break-in and accuracy test procedures,  and upgraded range test capability.

Accuflite Sports,www.accuflitesports.com,  as exclusive distributor for Accuflite Arms, Inc. , stocks Accuflite Arms Custom Bolt Action Firearms, for Worldwide and Domestic Distribution.  Accuflite Sports also provides high quality firearm accessories such as optical products and reloading components that prove consistent with proven performance capability of Accuflite Arms Custom and Semi-Custom  Bolt Action Firearms.

Accuflite Arms Custom Rifles, Semi-Custom Rifles, and Custom Pistols are synonymous with accuracy and perform with  accuracy guarantee ranging from five shot 1/4 MOA to three shot 3/4 MOA depending , in part, on ABC’s of Accuracy–Action, Barrel, and Caliber.

Accuflite Sports continues to enhance presence in Domestic and Worldwide Markets for Accuflite Arms, Inc.  Bolt Action Firearms and Firearm Accessories.

Effective  March  1, 2022 , Accuflite Arms  has waived  the   $550.00  export license fee for approved  non military firearm shipments, as primary responsibility for issuing such export license was  transferred from US State to US Commerce Department.

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