A Mandatory Ingredient.  Since  1979  Accuflite Sports has focused its work ethic on  passion for performance—both people and product—where the goal of perfection is par.


A Major Key to Customer Satisfaction—Essential elements of product development are included in THE PLAN to develop the best bolt action firearms to meet application requirements. THE PLAN centers on locating, qualifying, and utilizing the best personnel and components available worldwide.


Structure to Achievement—It’s a cinch by the inch and hard by the yard. Years of product development in an orderly fashion continue to provide the technical base and administrative actions  which enhance performance of  Accuflite Arms, Inc Bolt Action Firearms  to exceed Customer Expectations.


Achievement Guaranteed—Each Accuflite Arms Bolt Action Firearm is range  tested with 40 to 60 reloads prior to shipment using proprietary barrel break-in and accuracy test procedures. All barrel break-in and accuracy test targets accompany  rifle shipment.


Customer Satisfaction—The Accuflite’s have been Providing Custom Bolt Action Firearms since 1988 and have never had one returned for barrel replacement or for any accuracy issue.


Bullet Exit Characteristics–A Password to Pin Point Accuracy.  Based on decades of bolt action firearm development, Accuflite Arms barreled actions are manufactured and supported to provide consistent barrel vibration shot after shot for a given load, over a wide range of bullet weight and powder charge–a mandatory set of parameters for pin point accuracy.